Blank Mastermind || Book Review

Blank Mastermind–first off, the title is an epic oxymoron. Then there’s the story itself! –but ( I will let the synopsis do the first little bit of explaining for me.

Amnesia is annoying. The poor hero has to find out everything about his wonderful life again and re-meet all the lovely people he knew before, then go to stop the villain. But what if the life that starts showing itself isn’t wonderful, the people aren’t lovely and the villain is… yourself?

I don’t really care for the cover, but–you can’t judge a book by its cover! Especially when it comes to Blank Mastermind. This book is a roller-coaster. You’re laughing–then you’re crying–then you’re on the edge of your seat. And where does it get you to?

You’ll have to read it to find out.

Wolfgang Dankworth (our hero) is a heroically villainous person. That kind of sums him up. Honestly, he’s having a hard time knowing who he is. The emotions of the book follow his emotions. He’s had a hard life… Problem being, he doesn’t know that he has. Haha–the premise of the book–a villain forgetting why he’s villainous–is awesome. Rosey has done a great job of pulling it off. I think. Never had amnesia myself, so it’s hard to say for sure, but I think so.

The other characters are great too. Not as well developed as Wolfgang — you don’t get into their heads, as it’s in 1st person — but still good.

Content warnings: There’s some language. A few swear words. And {slight spoiler} there are superheroes. Not born-with-power superheroes, but made superheroes. If ya know what I mean. Neither bothered me too much…. Also bombing and death. </3

Anyway. Just go read it. Because it’s great. You can find it HERE.

Hasta luego!


Rescue in the Rockies || Book Review

First, yes, I’d recommend it.

But only if you’ve read the first 7 books first. First things first–always! You can’t read the 8th book in a series without reading the first ones first, guys! Can’t believe you thought you could get away with that….

It’s springtime and the Bakers are living the dream. Abby is helping her grandparents set up a guest ranch, Phil is visiting Spain, and Andy and Tom are on the farm entertaining three visitors from Scotland. Mr. Baker suggests a road trip to the guest ranch in Wyoming what better opportunity for Fergus, Dougal, and Wylie to work hard, meet cowboys, and see the West? The lads are all for it and embrace their new surroundings with gusto, while the Bakers get the chance to re-forge bonds with Grandpa and Grandma Baker.

Synopsis isn’t bad… cover is pretty good. Goes with the rest of the series. Yeah–not bad at all.

I can’t really think of anything I didn’t like about this book. Sure, I could nit-pick and find something, but just as a fun read, it’s great.

Perhaps the one thing is that it’s really for the fans of the series more than anything, since it really can’t stand alone. Guess that makes me in the ‘fans of the series’ category, but that’s okay too. 😉

Rescue in the Rockies is nothing epic, but it’s good. Clean, easy, family-friendly. Sometimes that’s what you need when you want to read a book. It’s got a western setting for the most part, but doesn’t have the feel of a ‘real’ western. There’s horses and adventures and a bit of confusion about who is trustworthy.

As far as content goes, it’s squeaky clean. (If you really wanted to be picky…. just don’t go there. It’s good.)

And I was so happy that *SPOILER ALERT* Phil finally decided he likes Briosa! All I can say is that it’s about time!

You can find it HERE. And the author’s blog is HERE if you want to hear about updates, new books, etc.

Til next time. 🙂


In the Fridge | adapting to where you are in life

Have you ever lived in a refrigerator?

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Chances are, you just thought, “No–what? What are you talking about?” And of course, you’re probably right. –But before you go and call the insane asylum, just stick with me for a few minutes.

There’s a good chance that no one would CHOOSE to live in a fridge. There are practical reasons for that: fridges are cold; fridges are small; fridges are made to store food in to keep it from getting old. Pretty much everyone knows that.

But if you had to live in a refrigerator (one of those full-size room ones, you know), if you HAD to, you’d adapt. You’d buy extra jackets and hats and gloves to wear. You’d install a wood stove. You might even figure out how to unplug the fridge.

Sometimes–we have situations in our lives where we don’t want to be.

It’s kind of like having to live in a refrigerator. Sometimes it’s tough–it’s cold in there! And sometimes it’s hard to warm up.

Keeping warm in that fridge depends on your mindset. It depends on your determination. It hinges on how willing you are to adapt. It’s keeping positive and not letting that cold freeze you solid. It’s trusting God to get you through.

We all have our refrigerators. They’re all sizes and shapes. Sometimes they’re mental, sometimes they’re physical. How are you dealing with yours?


Remember–Remember! And never forget–

Your heritage, history–learn of the past!

A time will be coming; you’ll need it at last.

Though that time may be now, or it may still come yet,

Never, American–never forget.

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(c) 2021 A Sparkle of Light

Happy Fall! :)

Hello people!

Fall is here. Actually it has been for a few days. It keeps getting colder, the leaves are changing color, and life has been busier than ever.

Besides trying to keep up with school, I have been doing various odd jobs. I’ve done some writing and reading, picking out songs on the banjo, playing my mandolin and flute, plunking “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” on the piano, typing with one hand because my computer is acting up and I need one hand to hold it in just the right way that it keeps it from freezing up.

Ah, life. 🙂

I have also started an Etsy shop, CraftsInKorporated. I only have one item so far, but I want to do more. (If I can think of anything.)

Here they are, crocheted pumpkin coasters. I’ve been making them for years and selling at the local pumpkin patch. But hey, I’ve been wanting to start an Etsy shop anyway, so why not? 😀

I hope all of you are having a wonderful fall!

What’s your favorite season?

For Truth,


About Angels

Well, I wanted to share this video sermon I just watched. It was SOOO interesting! Makes you think about angels in a new light. (Did you know that angels like donkeys better than presumptuous prophets? (Numbers 22:33.))

Time and Eternity

There’s a quarantine right now. Everyone knows that, I think. Many of us have extra time on our hands. Because of that, I thought I’d share a bit of free reading. This book, Good and Evil, follows the story of mankind from the beginning and even into the future. It’s in comic-book style. Online, it’s in a good and easy format to read. Please feel free to share it as well!

Click on the picture or go to:
Available in many, many languages!

When there is a scare like this, people start to think about eternity. Are you ready to meet your Creator?

The best time to think about it is now.

For Truth,

Emma|by Jane Austen

Book Review: Emma by Jane Austen

Beautiful, clever, rich—and single—Emma Woodhouse is perfectly content with her life and sees no need for either love or marriage. Nothing, however, delights her more than interfering in the romantic lives of others. But when she ignores the warnings of her good friend Mr. Knightley and attempts to arrange a suitable match for her protegee Harriet Smith, her carefully laid plans soon unravel and have consequences that she never expected. With its imperfect but charming heroine and its witty and subtle exploration of relationships, Emma is often seen as Jane Austen’s most flawless work.

What is it about Jane Austen that makes every single one of her books enjoyable? Well, for one thing, she had an amazing sense of human nature. She understood people and was able to put that understanding on paper. Her plots are enjoyable, her characters real and believable.

Emma was one of my favorite reads for the summer. And I read a lot of books this summer!

To be honest, Emma herself was rather annoying. Her matchmaking “skills” (or, rather, lack thereof) could definitely get on the reader’s nerves. But still, I liked her, especially nearer to the end of the book.

I don’t think I could really choose a favorite character, but Emma and Mr. Knightley are, of course, right up there.

Great book for ages 12 and up. If you want to read it, here is a link to a kindle edition and a paperback edition.

Talk to you later!


The Walker Fire

Hello friends,

The Walker fire started three days ago near Genesee and Taylorsville in California.  It seemed to be nothing to worry about at first, being only between 500 and 1000 acres.  But overnight this fire grew in size from 2,000 to 17,000 acres, and is now over 24,000 acres.  That is about 37 square miles.  I live less than twenty miles of this fire.  It is a little bit intimidating, and we (my family and I) are keeping an eye on updates just in case we have to evacuate.  Mandatory evacuations have already started a bit closer to the fire. 

Where I live there is a lot of smoke and ash is falling like snow – not quite as thick, but that’s what it looks like!

Smoke from the fire

I would appreciate all of your prayers, for all of the people involved – the people who could lose their homes, and the firefighters also.  Thank you all so much!